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Book American Ground

    Book Details:
  • Author : William Langewiesche
  • Publisher : North Point Press
  • Release : 2003-09-11
  • ISBN : 9780865476752
  • Pages : 240 pages

Download or read book American Ground written by William Langewiesche and published by North Point Press. This book was released on 2003-09-11 with total page 240 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Selected as one of the best books of 2002 by The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Sun-Times Within days after September 11, 2001, William Langewiesche had secured unique, unrestricted, round-the-clock access to the World Trade Center site. American Ground is a tour of this intense, ephemeral world and those who improvised the recovery effort day by day, and in the process reinvented themselves, discovering unknown strengths and weaknesses. In all of its aspects--emotionalism, impulsiveness, opportunism, territoriality, resourcefulness, and fundamental, cacophonous democracy--Langewiesche reveals the unbuilding to be uniquely American and oddly inspiring, a portrait of resilience and ingenuity in the face of disaster.

Book Post 9 11 Cinema

    Book Details:
  • Author : John Markert
  • Publisher : Scarecrow Press
  • Release : 2011-09-16
  • ISBN : 0810881349
  • Pages : 393 pages

Download or read book Post 9 11 Cinema written by John Markert and published by Scarecrow Press. This book was released on 2011-09-16 with total page 393 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Examines dramatic motion pictures and documentary films depicting the September 11 terrorist attacks and the events that followed.

Book American Ground

    Book Details:
  • Author : William Langewiesche
  • Publisher : Adelphi Edizioni spa
  • Release : 2016-01-14T00:00:00+01:00
  • ISBN : 8845977471
  • Pages : 255 pages

Download or read book American Ground written by William Langewiesche and published by Adelphi Edizioni spa. This book was released on 2016-01-14T00:00:00+01:00 with total page 255 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Questo libro è composto da tre lunghi reportage. Nel primo, William Langewiesche esplora il mondo infero nato sul luogo dove sorgeva il World Trade Center. Nel secondo, ricostruisce momento per momento la dinamica dei crolli. Nel terzo, descrive la lotta quasi per bande che nei mesi successivi all’11 settembre ha visto pompieri, poliziotti e dipendenti delle imprese edili contendersi, per ragioni molto diverse, il terreno desolato di Ground Zero. Difficile pensare che sull’evento forse più filmato, fotografato e raccontato della storia recente si potesse gettare una luce nuova. E difficile pensare che un pathos freddo e analitico potesse scalfire i sentimenti non sempre autentici che quell’evento ha prodotto, e continua a produrre. Eppure, le pagine di Langewiesche ottengono questo sconvolgente risultato. E con i mezzi più semplici, quelli dell’osservazione diretta e della descrizione. Dei due bicchieri di succo d’arancia lasciati a metà in un ristorante che affacciava sul World Trade Center. Delle carcasse di automobili disseminate, a centinaia, nei garage sotterranei. Degli allarmi acustici che suonavano come impazziti nelle cabine dei due 767, segnalando il superamento della velocità consentita a bassa quota. Delle centinaia di scarpe spaiate di cui erano cosparse le macerie. E della collina di detriti raccolti nell’immensa discarica di Fresh Kills, a Staten Island, su cui la bandiera americana sventola come sopra «l’avamposto di una spedizione governativa su un pianeta contaminato». La prima edizione in volume di "American Ground" è del 2002.

Book Reframing 9 11

    Book Details:
  • Author : Jeff Birkenstein
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
  • Release : 2010-08-01
  • ISBN : 1441119906
  • Pages : 350 pages

Download or read book Reframing 9 11 written by Jeff Birkenstein and published by Bloomsbury Publishing USA. This book was released on 2010-08-01 with total page 350 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: September 11th, 2001 remains a focal point of American consciousness, a site demanding ongoing excavation, a site at which to mark before and after "everything" changed. In ways both real and intangible the entire sequence of events of that day continues to resonate in an endlessly proliferating aftermath of meanings that continue to evolve. Presenting a collection of analyses by an international body of scholars that examines America's recent history, this book focuses on popular culture as a profound discursive site of anxiety and discussion about 9/11 and demystifies the day's events in order to contextualize them into a historically grounded series of narratives that recognizes the complex relations of a globalized world. Essays in Reframing 9/11 share a collective drive to encourage new and original approaches for understanding the issues both within and beyond the official political rhetoric of the events of the "The Global War on Terror" and issues of national security.

Book Transatlantische Differenzen

    Book Details:
  • Author : Waldemar Zacharasiewicz
  • Publisher : Böhlau Verlag Wien
  • Release : 2004
  • ISBN : 9783205772866
  • Pages : 288 pages

Download or read book Transatlantische Differenzen written by Waldemar Zacharasiewicz and published by Böhlau Verlag Wien. This book was released on 2004 with total page 288 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Der vorliegende Sammelband widmet sich aus interdisziplinärer Perspektive der brisanten Frage des transatlantischen Verhältnisses, das seit den dramatischen UmbrÃ"chen vor etwa 15 Jahren durch Konflikte im politischen, wirtschaftlichen, ökologischen und rechtlichen Bereich gekennzeichnet ist. Profilierte österreichische, deutsche und amerikanische Vertreter der Fächer Völkerrecht und Politikwissenschaft, Soziologie und Philosophie, Experten auf dem Gebiet der Wirtschaftswissenschaft, des Privat- und Verfassungsrechtes, auf dem Gebiet der Medien sowie der Kulturwissenschaft analysieren die bestehenden Differenzen zwischen der amerikanischen FÃ"hrungsmacht und dem in einem dynamischen Prozess des Erweiterns und Zusammenwachsens befindlichen Europa. Die vorgelegten Aufsätze spiegeln die Sorge von europäischen und amerikanischen Intellektuellen Ã"ber den wachsenden Graben zwischen den durch historische Bande und ethische Ideale verbundenen Kontinenten wider und sind als Beitrag zum notwendigen Dialog im Bewusstsein um die gemeinsamen Werte zu verstehen.

Book 9 11  The Attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon

Download or read book 9 11 The Attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon written by Tim McNeese and published by Infobase Holdings, Inc. This book was released on 2021-09-01 with total page 176 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 terrorists hijacked four commercial aircraft and crashed two of them into the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center complex in New York City. A third plane crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. After learning about the other attacks, passengers on the fourth hijacked plane, Flight 93, fought back, and the plane was crashed into an empty field in western Pennsylvania about 20 minutes by air from Washington, D.C. The Twin Towers ultimately collapsed, due to the damage from the impacts and subsequent fires. Nearly 3,000 people were killed from 93 different countries. It was the worst attack on American soil since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. A detailed account of these events—plus the history that led up to them, and America's response—can be found in 9/11: The Attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Book Who Owns the Dead

    Book Details:
  • Author : Jay D. Aronson
  • Publisher : Harvard University Press
  • Release : 2016-09-06
  • ISBN : 0674971493
  • Pages : 327 pages

Download or read book Who Owns the Dead written by Jay D. Aronson and published by Harvard University Press. This book was released on 2016-09-06 with total page 327 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: After the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, Chief Medical Examiner Charles Hirsch proclaimed that his staff would do more than confirm the victims’ identity. They would attempt to return to families every human body part larger than a thumbnail. As Jay D. Aronson shows, delivering on that promise proved to be a monumentally difficult task.

Book Urban Economics and Land Use in America

Download or read book Urban Economics and Land Use in America written by and published by M.E. Sharpe. This book was released on with total page 276 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This is a work about the growth of American cities and their suburbs during the 20th century, about institutions and metropolitan governance, about real estate development and finance, about housing and the lack of it, and about the emergence and maybe the future debilitation of cities and suburbs.

Book Until the Fires Stopped Burning

Download or read book Until the Fires Stopped Burning written by Charles B. Strozier and published by Columbia University Press. This book was released on 2014-08-05 with total page 314 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Charles B. Strozier's college lost sixty-eight alumni in the tragedy of 9/11, and the many courses he has taught on terrorism and related topics since have attracted dozens of survivors and family members. A practicing psychoanalyst in Manhattan, Strozier has also accepted many seared by the disaster into his care. In some ways, the grief he has encountered has felt familiar; in other ways, unprecedented. Compelled to investigate its unique character further, he launched a fascinating study into the conscious and unconscious meaning of the event, both for those who were physically close to the attack and for those who witnessed it beyond the immediate space of Ground Zero. Based on the testimony of survivors, bystanders, spectators, and victim's friends and families, Until the Fires Stopped Burning brings much-needed clarity to the conscious and unconscious meaning of 9/11 and its relationship to historical disaster, apocalyptic experience, unnatural death, and the psychological endurance of trauma. Strozier interprets and contextualizes the memories of witnesses and compares their encounter with 9/11 to the devastation of Hiroshima, Auschwitz, Katrina, and other events Kai Erikson has called a "new species of trouble" in the world. Organizing his study around "zones of sadness" in New York, Strozier powerfully evokes the multiple places in which his respondents confronted 9/11 while remaining sensitive to the personal, social, and cultural differences of these experiences. Most important, he distinguishes between 9/11 as an apocalyptic event (which he affirms it is not;rather, it is a monumental event), and 9/11 as an apocalyptic experience, which is crucial to understanding the act's affect on American life and a still-evolving culture of fear in the world.

Book The Resilient City

    Book Details:
  • Author : Lawrence J. Vale
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Release : 2005-01-20
  • ISBN : 0199884161
  • Pages : 392 pages

Download or read book The Resilient City written by Lawrence J. Vale and published by Oxford University Press. This book was released on 2005-01-20 with total page 392 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: In 1871, the city of Chicago was almost entirely destroyed by what became known as The Great Fire. Thirty-five years later, San Francisco lay in smoldering ruins after the catastrophic earthquake of 1906. Or consider the case of the Jerusalem, the greatest site of physical destruction and renewal in history, which, over three millennia, has suffered wars, earthquakes, fires, twenty sieges, eighteen reconstructions, and at least eleven transitions from one religious faith to another. Yet this ancient city has regenerated itself time and again, and still endures. Throughout history, cities have been sacked, burned, torched, bombed, flooded, besieged, and leveled. And yet they almost always rise from the ashes to rebuild. Viewing a wide array of urban disasters in global historical perspective, The Resilient City traces the aftermath of such cataclysms as: --the British invasion of Washington in 1814 --the devastation wrought on Berlin, Warsaw, and Tokyo during World War II --the late-20th century earthquakes that shattered Mexico City and the Chinese city of Tangshan --Los Angeles after the 1992 riots --the Oklahoma City bombing --the destruction of the World Trade Center Revealing how traumatized city-dwellers consistently develop narratives of resilience and how the pragmatic process of urban recovery is always fueled by highly symbolic actions, The Resilient City offers a deeply informative and unsentimental tribute to the dogged persistence of the city, and indeed of the human spirit.

Book Rubble

    Book Details:
  • Author : Bob Kemper
  • Publisher : Potomac Books, Inc.
  • Release : 2011
  • ISBN : 1612341101
  • Pages : 299 pages

Download or read book Rubble written by Bob Kemper and published by Potomac Books, Inc.. This book was released on 2011 with total page 299 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: We will never forget.

Book The 9 11 Encyclopedia  2 volumes

Download or read book The 9 11 Encyclopedia 2 volumes written by Stephen E. Atkins and published by Bloomsbury Publishing USA. This book was released on 2011-06-02 with total page 977 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This work offers a sweeping collection of A–Z entries and primary source documents that presents a thorough examination of all the individuals, groups, and events surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, The 9/11 Encyclopedia: Second Edition offers valuable perspective on this emotionally charged and multidimensional subject. This comprehensive two-volume encyclopedia details the events leading up to the attacks, going back a decade prior to 9/11, and covers all the major players involved. It also examines events and discoveries since 2001 that have influenced our understanding of—and reactions to—the world-changing attacks. In the second edition, dozens of entries have been updated and many new ones added. The documents volume has been expanded as well. With more than 170 A–Z entries, dozens of descriptive sidebars, and over 55 primary-source documents, this updated encyclopedia is an essential source for comprehending one of the darkest moments in American history.

Book Critical Perspectives on 9 11

Download or read book Critical Perspectives on 9 11 written by Fletcher Haulley and published by The Rosen Publishing Group. This book was released on 2005 with total page 182 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: With the use of primary documents drawn from September 11's immediate aftermath, this anthology provides a slice of history as it unfolded and attempts to re-create the chaos of the event and the unbelief that followed.

Book Fresh Kills

    Book Details:
  • Author : Martin V. Melosi
  • Publisher : Columbia University Press
  • Release : 2020-01-28
  • ISBN : 0231548354
  • Pages : 576 pages

Download or read book Fresh Kills written by Martin V. Melosi and published by Columbia University Press. This book was released on 2020-01-28 with total page 576 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Fresh Kills—a monumental 2,200-acre site on Staten Island—was once the world’s largest landfill. From 1948 to 2001, it was the main receptacle for New York City’s refuse. After the 9/11 attacks, it reopened briefly to receive human remains and rubble from the destroyed Twin Towers, turning a notorious disposal site into a cemetery. Today, a mammoth reclamation project is transforming the landfill site, constructing an expansive park three times the size of Central Park. Martin V. Melosi provides a comprehensive chronicle of Fresh Kills that offers new insights into the growth and development of New York City and the relationship among consumption, waste, and disposal. He traces the metamorphoses of the landscape, following it from salt marsh to landfill to cemetery and looks ahead to the future park. By centering the problem of solid-waste disposal, Melosi highlights the unwanted consequences of mass consumption. He presents the Fresh Kills space as an embodiment of massive waste, linking consumption to the continuing presence of its discards. Melosi also uses the landfill as a lens for understanding Staten Island’s history and its relationship with greater New York City. The first book on the history of the iconic landfill, Fresh Kills unites environmental, political, and cultural history to offer a reflection on material culture, consumer practices, and perceptions of value and worthlessness.

Book Pop Culture Places  3 volumes

Download or read book Pop Culture Places 3 volumes written by Gladys L. Knight and published by Bloomsbury Publishing USA. This book was released on 2014-08-11 with total page 1773 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This three-volume reference set explores the history, relevance, and significance of pop culture locations in the United States—places that have captured the imagination of the American people and reflect the diversity of the nation. Pop Culture Places: An Encyclopedia of Places in American Popular Culture serves as a resource for high school and college students as well as adult readers that contains more than 350 entries on a broad assortment of popular places in America. Covering places from Ellis Island to Fisherman's Wharf, the entries reflect the tremendous variety of sites, historical and modern, emphasizing the immense diversity and historical development of our nation. Readers will gain an appreciation of the historical, social, and cultural impact of each location and better understand how America has come to be a nation and evolved culturally through the lens of popular places. Approximately 200 sidebars serve to highlight interesting facts while images throughout the book depict the places described in the text. Each entry supplies a brief bibliography that directs students to print and electronic sources of additional information.

Book Transnational American Memories

Download or read book Transnational American Memories written by Udo Hebel and published by Walter de Gruyter. This book was released on 2009-09-04 with total page 469 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The volume gathers twenty original essays by experts of American memory studies from the United States and Europe. It extends discussions of U.S. American cultures of memory, commemorative identity construction, and the politics of remembrance into the topical field of transnational and comparative American studies. In the contexts of the theoretical turns since the 1990s, including prominently the pictorial and the spatial turns, and in the wake of multicultural and international conceptions of American history, the contributions to the collection explore the cultural productivity and political implications of both officially endorsed memories and practices of oppositional remembrance. Reading sites of memory situated in or related to the United States as crossroads of transnational and intercultural remembering and commemoration manifests their possibly controversial function as platforms and agents in the processes of cultural exchange and political negotiation across the spatial, temporal, and ideological trajectories that inform American Studies as Atlantic Studies, Hemispheric Studies, Pacific Studies. The interdisciplinary range of issues and materials engaged includes literary texts, personal accounts, and cultural performances from colonial times through the immediate present, the significance of war monuments and ethnic memorials in Europe, Asia, and the U.S., films about 9/11, public sculptures and the fine arts, American world’s fairs as transnational sites of memory.

Book America s Betrayal Confirmed

Download or read book America s Betrayal Confirmed written by Elias Davidsson and published by epubli. This book was released on 2020-06-30 with total page 389 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The book exposes and confirms the betrayal of the American people by its leaders in relation to the attacks of 11 September 2001. It constitutes a thorough, compact and state-of-the-art reference guide to this crime against humanity, its political purpose, its cover-up and the failure of bringing its authors to justice. The approach is forensic and fact-oriented. The book is the result of over 18 years of research. It is modular in structure and backed-up by nearly 1,000 notes that refer solely to open official and mainstream sources. Readers are provided a one-click access to most sources. The book is designed to serve as a solid informational basis for committed citizens, teachers, journalists, lawyers, graduate students, academics and decision-makers.