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Book Inversions

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  • Author : Iain Banks
  • Publisher :
  • Release : 2001
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  • Pages : pages

Download or read book Inversions written by Iain Banks and published by . This book was released on 2001 with total page pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Some years ago, rocks and fire fell from the sky and the old Empire fell with them. Now a new world order is about to emerge. Two people in particular can see this in a wider context: the King's new physician and the chief bodyguard of the Protector General. This is the story of two stories. Spiralling round a central core of secrecy, deceit, love and betrayal. Sequel to "Excession", followed by "Look to Windward". 1998. (The Culture ; 6).

Book Molecular Biology and Pathogenicity of Mycoplasmas

Download or read book Molecular Biology and Pathogenicity of Mycoplasmas written by Shmuel Razin and published by Springer Science & Business Media. This book was released on 2007-05-08 with total page 574 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: was the result of the efforts of Robert Cleverdon. The rapidly developing discipline of molecular biology and the rapidly expanding knowledge of the PPLO were brought together at this meeting. In addition to the PPLO specialists, the conference invited Julius Marmur to compare PPLO DNA to DNA of other organisms; David Garfinkel, who was one of the first to develop computer models of metabolism; Cyrus Levinthal to talk about coding; and Henry Quastler to discuss information theory constraints on very small cells. The conference was an announcement of the role of PPLO in the fundamental understanding of molecular biology. Looking back 40-some years to the Connecticut meeting, it was a rather bold enterprise. The meeting was international and inter-disciplinary and began a series of important collaborations with influences resonating down to the present. If I may be allowed a personal remark, it was where I first met Shmuel Razin, who has been a leading figure in the emerging mycoplasma research and a good friend. This present volume is in some ways the fulfillment of the promise of that early meeting. It is an example of the collaborative work of scientists in building an understanding of fundamental aspects of biology.

Book Peacekeeping Under Fire

Download or read book Peacekeeping Under Fire written by Robert A. Rubinstein and published by Routledge. This book was released on 2015-11-17 with total page 224 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The international community increasingly responds to civil wars, humanitarian crises, and other intrastate conflicts through the instrument of UN peacekeeping. Nearly all of these interventions take place in non-Western areas and involve interactions among militaries and nongovernmental organizations from all around the globe. In this wide-ranging book, Rubinstein draws on decades of his own research on peacekeeping, and on other current and historical cases, to develop a broad understanding of the roles that culture plays in peacekeeping's success or failure. Peacekeeping under Fire shows that cultural considerations are key elements at all levels of peacekeeping operations. Culture influences what happens between peacekeepers and local populations, how military and nongovernmental organizations interact, and even how missions are planned and authorized. Peacekeeping under Fire analyzes how political symbolism and ritual are critical to peacekeeping and demonstrates how questions of power, identity, and political perception emerge from the cultural context of peacekeeping.

Book The Inversion Factor

Download or read book The Inversion Factor written by Linda Bernardi and published by MIT Press. This book was released on 2018-09-11 with total page 241 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Why companies need to move away from a “product first” orientation to pursuing innovation based on customer need. In the past, companies found success with a product-first orientation; they made a thing that did a thing. The Inversion Factor explains why the companies of today and tomorrow will have to abandon the product-first orientation. Rather than asking “How do the products we make meet customer needs?” companies should ask “How can technology help us reimagine and fill a need?” Zipcar, for example, instead of developing another vehicle for moving people from point A to point B, reimagined how people interacted with vehicles. Zipcar inverted the traditional car company mission. The authors explain how the introduction of “smart” objects connected by the Internet of Things signals fundamental changes for business. The IoT, where real and digital coexist, is powering new ways to meet human needs. Companies that know this include giants like Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, Google, Tesla, and Apple, as well as less famous companies like Tile, Visenti, and Augury. The Inversion Factor offers a roadmap for businesses that want to follow in their footsteps. The authors chart the evolution of three IoTs—the Internet of Things (devices connected to the Internet), the Intelligence of Things (devices that host software applications), and the Innovation of Things (devices that become experiences). Finally, they offer a blueprint for businesses making the transition to inversion and interviews with leaders of major companies and game-changing startups.

Book Advancing Culture of Living with Landslides

Download or read book Advancing Culture of Living with Landslides written by Matjaž Mikoš and published by Springer. This book was released on 2017-05-16 with total page 621 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This volume contains peer-reviewed papers from the Fourth World Landslide Forum organized by the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL), the Global Promotion Committee of the International Programme on Landslides (IPL), University of Ljubljana (UL) and Geological Survey of Slovenia in Ljubljana, Slovenia from May 29 to June 2, 2017. The complete collection of papers from the Forum is published in five full-color volumes. This third volume contains the following: • One keynote lecture • Landslide Monitoring and Warning: Monitoring Techniques and Technologies, • Early Warning Systems • Landslide Disasters and Relief: Case Studies, Emergency Measures, First Aid, • Civil Protection Measures • Landslide Mitigation, Remediation and Stabilization: Landslide Protection Works, • Landslide Stabilization And Remediation Measures, Landslide Non-Structural Measures Prof. Matjaž Mikoš is the Forum Chair of the Fourth World Landslide Forum. He is the Vice President of International Consortium on Landslides and President of the Slovenian National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction. Prof. Željko Arbanas is representative of Croatian Landslide Group, member of the International Consortium on Landslides. He is the Head of Geotechnical Chair at Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Rijeka, Croatia and the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of International Journal “Landslides”.“/p> Prof. Yueping Yin is the President of the International Consortium on Landslides and the Chairman of the Committee of Geo-Hazards Prevention of China, and the Chief Geologist of Geo-Hazard Emergency Technology, Ministry of Land and Resources, P.R. China. Prof. Kyoji Sassa is the Founding President of the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL). He is Executive Director of ICL and the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal “Landslides” since its foundation in 2004. IPL (International Programme on Landslides) is a programme of the ICL. The programme is managed by the IPL Global Promotion Committee including ICL and ICL supporting organizations, UNESCO, WMO, FAO, UNISDR, UNU, ICSU, WFEO, IUGS and IUGG. The IPL contributes to the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction and the ISDR-ICL Sendai Partnerships 2015–2025.

Book Intersexuality in the Animal Kingdom

Download or read book Intersexuality in the Animal Kingdom written by R. Reinboth and published by Springer Science & Business Media. This book was released on 2012-12-06 with total page 464 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: When Richard Goldschmidt' coined the term "intersexuality" in 1915, he intended it to apply to normally dioecious species which exhibit some kind of mixture between male and female characters. However, as knowledge of the bewildering variability present in the sexual orga nization of members of the animal kingdom has increased, the original meaning of the word has changed. Today many authors define inter sexuality as "the presence of both male and female characteristics, or of intermediate sexual characteristics, in a single individual".2 This more extensive and widely accepted concept justifies the title of our book •. Among all the anatomical and physiological features of living organisms the reproductive system has a unique importance for the perpetuation of the species. Conversely, reproductive processes are of little or no account for the viability of the individual. Therefore, within the framework of general biology reproduction has all too often been looked at solely from the point of view of genetics. Lively discussions about genotypic versus phenotypic sex determination long dominated the sci entific literature on sexuality in animals; this one-sided emphasis has tended to obscure many important facets of an organism's ability to reproduce. Recent developments in current biological research have brought the classic problem of sex differentiation into focus again, and the rapid progress being made in comparative endocrinology has added a new di mension to the study of reproductive biology.

Book Minority Status  Oppositional Culture    Schooling

Download or read book Minority Status Oppositional Culture Schooling written by John U. Ogbu and published by Routledge. This book was released on 2008-06-30 with total page 686 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This book is the definitive and final presentation of John Ogbu’s cultural ecological model and the many debates that his work has sparked during the past decade. The theory and empirical foundation of Ogbu’s scholarship, which some have mistakenly reduced to the "acting white hypothesis," is fully presented and re-visited in this posthumous collection of his new writings plus the works of over 20 scholars. Ogbu’s own chapters present how his ideas about minority education and culture developed. Readers will find in these chapters the theoretical roots of his cultural ecological model. The book is organized as a dialogue between John Ogbu and the scholarly community, including his most ardent critics; Ogbu’s own work can be read at the same time as his critics have their say. Minority Status, Oppositional Culture, and Schooling examines content, methodological, and policy issues framing the debate on academic achievement, school engagement, and oppositional culture. It brings together in one volume, for the first time, some of the most critical works on these issues as well as examples of programs aimed at re-engagement. In addition to African Americans, it also looks at school engagement among Native American and Latino students. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the study of the academic achievement gap.

Book Dragon Ball Culture Volume 6

Download or read book Dragon Ball Culture Volume 6 written by Derek Padula and published by Derek Padula. This book was released on 2016-05-19 with total page 168 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Goku meets god! In Dragon Ball Culture Volume 6, we’ll reunite with Goku as he ascends to heaven, trains with Kami for 3 years, and battles the reincarnated Demon King Pikkoro! When Goku reaches heaven he is greeted by the always-controversial Mister Popo. But who is Mister Popo, and why does he look so strange? His ancient cultural origin will finally be revealed! From there we’ll explore Kami’s roots in Japanese Shinto and Chinese Buddhism. You’ll discover how Kami and Pikkoro are related on a spiritual level, how reincarnation works within the Dragon World, and what it means for the new demon king to be the ‘son of the father who was cast down from heaven.’ Afterward, we’ll enter the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai! But will Goku’s friends recognize him, and will he be strong enough to persevere?! Who is this green-skinned man who calls himself “Ma Junia,” and why is he such a grave threat to Goku and the world?! Discover the amazing truth behind these new characters, with surprising mystery’s and reveals from your old friends, as we take a cultural tour through the final volume of the original Dragon Ball manga! It’s a battle of life and death, and Goku’s the only one who can save us!! Volume 6 explores Chapters 162 to 194 of the Dragon Ball manga. It’s time to face god!

Book Communication Yearbooks Vols 6 33 Set

Download or read book Communication Yearbooks Vols 6 33 Set written by Various and published by Routledge. This book was released on 2021-11-05 with total page 17176 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The Communication Yearbook annuals originally published between 1977 and 2009 publish diverse, state-of-the-discipline literature reviews that advance knowledge and understanding of communication systems, processes, and impacts across the discipline. Topics dealt with include Communication as Process, Research Methodology in Communication, Communication Effects, Taxonomy of Communication and European Communication Theory, Information Systems Division, Mass Communication Research, Mapping the Domain of Intercultural Communication, Public Relations, Feminist Scholarship, Communication Law and Policy, Visual Communication, Communication and Cross-Sex Friendships Across the Life Cycle, Television Programming and Sex Stereotyping, InterCultural Communication Training, Leadership and Relationships, Media Performance Assessment, Cognitive Approaches to Communication.

Book Drosophila Inversion Polymorphism

Download or read book Drosophila Inversion Polymorphism written by Costas B. Krimbas and published by CRC Press. This book was released on 1992-08-21 with total page 680 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Inversion polymorphism in Drosophila has long served as a research subject for a variety of evolutionary studies and continues to be extremely important in understanding evolutionary principles today. Until now, no single volume has ever been assembled as a summary of this work. Drosophila Inversion Polymorphism provides background information, explores new and rigorous approaches to reconstructing phylogenetic relationships from inversion variation, and discusses inversion polymorphism in the six most studied species groups. Some chapters examine general principles and conclusions, some present detailed data sets (many of which have never before been published), and others offer detailed chromosome maps for identification. The book is a one-of-a-kind source of summary discussions and data ripe for analysis. Geneticists, evolutionary biologists, biologists, and all investigators researching inversion polymorphisms should consider Drosophila Inversion Polymorphism a "must-have" volume.

Book Kids Those Days  Children in Medieval Culture

Download or read book Kids Those Days Children in Medieval Culture written by and published by BRILL. This book was released on 2022-02-22 with total page 376 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Kids Those Days is a collection of interdisciplinary research into medieval childhood. Contributors investigate abandonment and abuse, fosterage and guardianship, criminal behavior and child-rearing, child bishops and sainthood, disabilities and miracles, and a wide variety of other subjects related to medieval children.

Book Christian Inversion of Jewish Nationalist Monotheism  and its Modern Romantic Narcissist Betrayal

Download or read book Christian Inversion of Jewish Nationalist Monotheism and its Modern Romantic Narcissist Betrayal written by Patrick Madigan and published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. This book was released on 2023-11-03 with total page 600 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This is a history of Western culture, divided into two parts. The first concerns the aggressive championing of monotheism by Jewish people as their distinctive national culture (although they only fell into or embraced it late in their development). Jesus offended by proposing an inversion of the divine protocols and an agenda more in harmony with international political realities: the one God proposed to use the Jews to reach (and transform) the entire human race, which was the actual object of His redemptive and creative energies. With the Renaissance widening opportunities for study, travel, learning and discovery, authorities had greater difficulty justifying limitations on individuals’ freedom of expression of heterodox artistic, political, philosophical or religious positions. This book explores the difficult modern psychological adjustment of dealing with a world with diminishing centers of authority – where it often seems as if no one is in charge – while also doing justice to one’s feelings of frustration and lack of fulfillment without becoming a radical narcissist.

Book Intentions

Download or read book Intentions written by Arabella Lyon and published by Penn State Press. This book was released on 1998-09-08 with total page 202 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The relationship between an author's and an audience's intentions is complex but need not preclude mutual engagement. This philosophical investigation challenges existing literary and rhetorical perspectives on intention and offers a new framework for understanding the negotiation of meaning. It describes how an audience's intentions affect their interpretations, shows how audiences negotiate meaning when faced with a writer's undecipherable intentions, and defines the scope of understanding within rhetorical situations. Introducing a concept of intention into literary analysis that supersedes existing rhetorical theory, Arabella Lyon shows how the rhetorics of I. A. Richards, Wayne Booth, and Stanley Fish, as well as the hermeneutics of Hans-Georg Gadamer, fail to account for the complex interactions of author and audience. Using Kenneth Burke's concepts of form, motive, and purpose, she builds a more complex notion of intention than those usually found in literary studies, then employs her theory to describe how philosophers read Wittgenstein's narratives, metaphors, and reversals in argument. Lyon argues that our differences in intention prevent consistency in interpretations but do not stop our discussions, deliberations, and actions. She seeks to acknowledge difference and the communicative problems it creates while demonstrating that difference is normal and does not end our engagement with each other. Intentions combines recent work in philosophy, literary criticism, hermeneutics, and rhetoric in a highly imaginative way to construct a theory of intention for a postmodern rhetoric. It recovers and renovates central concepts in rhetorical theory—not only intention but also deliberation, politics, and judgment.

Book The Extended Organism

    Book Details:
  • Author : J. Scott Turner
  • Publisher : Harvard University Press
  • Release : 2009-06-01
  • ISBN : 0674044495
  • Pages : 235 pages

Download or read book The Extended Organism written by J. Scott Turner and published by Harvard University Press. This book was released on 2009-06-01 with total page 235 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Can the structures that animals build--from the humble burrows of earthworms to towering termite mounds to the Great Barrier Reef--be said to live? However counterintuitive the idea might first seem, physiological ecologist Scott Turner demonstrates in this book that many animals construct and use structures to harness and control the flow of energy from their environment to their own advantage. Building on Richard Dawkins's classic, The Extended Phenotype, Turner shows why drawing the boundary of an organism's physiology at the skin of the animal is arbitrary. Since the structures animals build undoubtedly do physiological work, capturing and channeling chemical and physical energy, Turner argues that such structures are more properly regarded not as frozen behaviors but as external organs of physiology and even extensions of the animal's phenotype. By challenging dearly held assumptions, a fascinating new view of the living world is opened to us, with implications for our understanding of physiology, the environment, and the remarkable structures animals build.

Book Egyptian Cultural Icons in Midrash

Download or read book Egyptian Cultural Icons in Midrash written by Rivka Ulmer and published by Walter de Gruyter. This book was released on 2009-12-15 with total page 411 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Rabbinic midrash of late antiquity and the early medieval period visualized Egypt and presented Egyptian religious concepts and icons. Midrash is analyzed in a cross-cultural perspective utilizing insights from the discipline of Egyptology. Topics: the Greco-Roman Nile god, Isis, Serapis and other gods, festivals, mummy portraits, funeral customs, the Egyptian language, Pharaohs, Cleopatra, Alexandria, the divine eye. The hermeneutical role of Egyptian cultural icons in midrash is explored.

Book Sexual Inversion

Download or read book Sexual Inversion written by H. Ellis and published by Springer. This book was released on 2007-12-04 with total page 351 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Sexual Inversion was the first English medical textbook about homosexuality. It had a chequered publishing history, going through five editions between 1896 and 1915. This edition, with a long critical introduction, places the book in its intellectual and social contexts, and considers the historiography surrounding this important work.

Book Cumulated Index Medicus

Download or read book Cumulated Index Medicus written by and published by . This book was released on 1988 with total page 1328 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: