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Book Bring Your Baggage and Don t Pack Light

Download or read book Bring Your Baggage and Don t Pack Light written by Helen Ellis and published by Anchor. This book was released on 2022-04-26 with total page 193 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The bestselling author of American Housewife and Southern Lady Code returns with an “inspiring, hilarious, straight-to-the-point” (Entertainment Weekly) collection of essays on friendship among grown-ass women. "Ellis' prose is filled with so many laugh lines, you might want to go ahead and book the Botox.” —NPR When Helen Ellis and her lifelong friends arrive for a reunion on the Redneck Riviera, they unpack more than their suitcases: stories of husbands and kids, lost parents and lost jobs, powdered onion dip and photographs you have to hold by the edges, dirty jokes and sunscreen with SPF higher than they hair-sprayed their bangs senior year, and a bad mammogram. It's a diagnosis that scares them, but could never break their bond. Because women pushing fifty won't be pushed around. In these twelve gloriously comic and moving essays, Helen Ellis dishes on married middle-age sex, sobs with a theater full of women as a psychic exorcises their sorrows, gets twenty shots of stomach bile to the neck to get rid of her double chin, and gathers up the courage to ask, "Are you there, Menopause? It's Me, Helen." A book that reads like the best cocktail party of your life, Bring Your Baggage and Don't Pack Light is alive with the sensational humor and ferocious love for her friends that won Helen Ellis legions of fans. This book has a raw vulnerability and an emotional generosity that takes this acclaimed author to a whole new level of accomplishment.

Book Packing Light

    Book Details:
  • Author : Allison Fallon
  • Publisher : Moody Publishers
  • Release : 2013-08-26
  • ISBN : 080248509X
  • Pages : 256 pages

Download or read book Packing Light written by Allison Fallon and published by Moody Publishers. This book was released on 2013-08-26 with total page 256 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Carrying baggage you don't need? When I was in college, I figured my life would come together around graduation. I’d meet a guy, have a beautiful wedding, and we'd buy a nice little house—not necessarily with a picket fence, but with whatever kind of fence we wanted. Whatever we decided, I would be happy. When I got out of college and my life didn’t look like that, I floundered, trying to get the life I had always dreamed of through career, travel, and relationships. But none of them satisfied me as I hoped. Like many twentysomethings, I tried to discover the life of my dreams, but instead I just kept accumulating baggage—school loans, electronics I couldn’t afford, hurt from broken relationships, and unmet expectations for what life was “supposed to be” like. Just when I had given up all hope of finding the “life I’d always dreamed about,” I decided to take a trip to all fifty states . . . because when you go on a trip, you can’t take your baggage. What I found was that “packing light” wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. This is the story of my trip and learning to live life with less baggage.

Book American Housewife

    Book Details:
  • Author : Helen Ellis
  • Publisher : Anchor
  • Release : 2016-01-12
  • ISBN : 038554104X
  • Pages : 208 pages

Download or read book American Housewife written by Helen Ellis and published by Anchor. This book was released on 2016-01-12 with total page 208 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: NATIONAL BESTSELLER • “A raucous, whip-smart collection of stories featuring retro-feminist ladies who lunch.” —Elle Meet the women of American Housewife. They wear lipstick, pearls, and sunscreen, even when it’s cloudy. They casserole. They pinwheel. And then they kill a party crasher, carefully stepping around the body to pull cookies from the oven. Taking us from a haunted pre-war Manhattan apartment building to the unique initiation ritual of a book club, these twelve delightfully demented stories are a refreshing and wicked answer to the question: “What do housewives do all day?”

Book Southern Lady Code

    Book Details:
  • Author : Helen Ellis
  • Publisher : Anchor
  • Release : 2019-04-16
  • ISBN : 0385543905
  • Pages : 224 pages

Download or read book Southern Lady Code written by Helen Ellis and published by Anchor. This book was released on 2019-04-16 with total page 224 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: A collection of essays that are "like being seated beside the most entertaining guest at a dinner party" (Atlanta Journal Constitution), from the New York Times bestselling author of American Housewives “Thank you Helen Ellis for writing down the Southern Lady Code so that others may learn.” —Ann Patchett, bestselling author of The Dutch House Helen Ellis has a mantra: “If you don't have something nice to say, say something not-so-nice in a nice way.” Say “weathered” instead of “she looks like a cake left out in the rain” and “I’m not in charge” instead of “they’re doing it wrong.” In these twenty-three raucous essays, Ellis transforms herself into a dominatrix Donna Reed to save her marriage, inadvertently steals a Burberry trench coat, avoids a neck lift, and finds a black-tie gown that gives her the confidence of a drag queen. While she may have left Alabama for New York City, Helen Ellis is clinging to her Southern accent like mayonnaise to white bread, and offering readers a hilarious, completely singular view on womanhood for both sides of the Mason-Dixon.

Book Eating The Cheshire Cat

    Book Details:
  • Author : Helen Ellis
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release : 2015-12-15
  • ISBN : 1501142119
  • Pages : 320 pages

Download or read book Eating The Cheshire Cat written by Helen Ellis and published by Simon and Schuster. This book was released on 2015-12-15 with total page 320 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The debut novel by the author of American Housewife. Eating the Cheshire Cat lures us into a world of perfectly planned parties and steep social ladders, where traditional rites of passage take unpredictable and horrifying turns as three girls and their overbearing mothers collide. In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, beauty is as beauty does, with axes and knives and killer smiles. Sarina Summers and her mother will stop at nothing to have it all. Nicole Hicks harbors a fierce obsession with Sarina, which repeatedly undermines Mrs. Hicks's ambitious goals. Bitty Jack Carlson, a nice girl from the wrong side of the tracks, is caught in the crossfire but struggles to succeed outside the confines of this outrageous yet eerily familiar Southern community. It's survival of the fittest. Which girl will come out on top? Covering everything from summer camp to the University of Alabama's Homecoming game, this fast-paced and unforgettable novel will keep readers guessing until the bitter end.

Book No Baggage

Download or read book No Baggage written by Clara Bensen and published by Running Press. This book was released on 2016-01-05 with total page 288 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: One Dress, Three Weeks, Eight Countries—Zero Baggage Newly recovered from a quarter-life meltdown, Clara Bensen decided to test her comeback by signing up for an online dating account. She never expected to meet Jeff, a wildly energetic university professor with a reputation for bucking convention. They barely know each other's last names when they agree to set out on a risky travel experiment spanning eight countries and three weeks. The catch? No hotel reservations, no plans, and best of all, no baggage. Clara's story will resonate with adventurers and homebodies alike—it's at once a romance, a travelogue, and a bright modern take on the age-old questions: How do you find the courage to explore beyond your comfort zone? Can you love someone without the need for labels and commitment? Is it possible to truly leave your baggage behind?

Book Pack Your Baggage  Honey  We re Moving to Paris   What Women Need to Know About Living Free From Emotional Baggage

Download or read book Pack Your Baggage Honey We re Moving to Paris What Women Need to Know About Living Free From Emotional Baggage written by Anne Farnum and published by Ambassador International. This book was released on 2020-03-24 with total page 134 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: " . . . an invaluable read for anyone looking to truly live out adventurous faith."—Malcolm McLoughlin Author of The Second Lap Everyone has baggage! We all have something that keeps us from living fully for the Lord, but Christ wants us to give our baggage to Him so we can follow Him freely. In Pack Your Baggage, Honey, We’re Moving to Paris! Anne Farnum explores the different kinds of baggage we carry. She also focuses on the baggage that King Saul hid behind and compares it to that which David left behind to run toward the giant. Using her own personal journey during an adventurous move to Paris, Anne shares healing truths of Scripture and methods she found to help others find freedom from their baggage. You will be inspired and refreshed as you realize you no longer have to carry your baggage either.

Book What I Carry

Download or read book What I Carry written by Jennifer Longo and published by Ember. This book was released on 2021-01-26 with total page 353 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: "A deeply touching story about survival, hope, and love." --Kathleen Glasgow, New York Times bestselling author A powerful and heartwarming look at a teen girl about to age out of the foster care system. Growing up in foster care, Muir has lived in many houses. And if she's learned one thing, it is to Pack. Light. Carry only what fits in a suitcase. Toothbrush? Yes. Socks? Yes. Emotional attachment to friends? foster families? a boyfriend? Nope! There's no room for any additional baggage. Muir has just one year left before she ages out of the system. One year before she's free. One year to avoid anything--or anyone--that could get in her way. Then she meets Francine. And Kira. And Sean. And everything changes.

Book Well  This Is Exhausting

Download or read book Well This Is Exhausting written by Sophia Benoit and published by Simon and Schuster. This book was released on 2021-07-13 with total page 336 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: "Like so many women, Benoit spent her formative years struggling to do the 'right' thing--to make others comfortable, to take minimal and calculated risks, to live up to society's expectations--only to realize that there was so little payoff to this tiresome balancing act. Now, in [this book], she shares her journey from aspiring good girl to proud feminist, and addresses the constantly shifting goalposts of what exactly it means to be 'good' in today's world. [Includes] topics as varied and laugh-out-loud funny as how to be the life of the party (even when you have crippling anxiety), navigating the disappointments of the dating world, and why no one should judge you for having an encyclopedic knowledge of reality TV stars"--

Book How to Pack

    Book Details:
  • Author : Hitha Palepu
  • Publisher : Clarkson Potter
  • Release : 2017-03-07
  • ISBN : 1101905646
  • Pages : 130 pages

Download or read book How to Pack written by Hitha Palepu and published by Clarkson Potter. This book was released on 2017-03-07 with total page 130 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: It’s time to pack perfect. Every trip, every time. Your journey starts here. When you travel, the journey is just as important as the destination—and packing is the first step. In How to Pack, Hitha Palepu, a former consultant who has traveled more than 500,000 cumulative miles around the world, shows that what and how you pack are who you are. Confidence and comfort inspire success upon arrival, whether you’re exploring a new city, hoping to nail a job interview, or relaxing on a beach. In How to Pack, you’ll learn about: · Power Pieces vs. Fantasy Pieces: How clothing earns its place in your suitcase · The Accessory Math Secret: The precise formula for all you need to finish off your outfits · Folding versus Rolling: What’s right for which items · Globetrotter Gorgeous: Editing your beauty routine while still looking great · The Packing Timeline: How to avoid “I’m forgetting something” syndrome · Pack Perfect Lists: Samples and blanks for any kind of trip

Book The Carry On Traveller

    Book Details:
  • Author : Erin McNeaney
  • Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release : 2016-03-28
  • ISBN : 9781536913743
  • Pages : 0 pages

Download or read book The Carry On Traveller written by Erin McNeaney and published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. This book was released on 2016-03-28 with total page 0 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Have you ever struggled with packing for a trip? You can't decide what you'll need, so you pack for every scenario and take far too much. You struggle to fit everything in your bag, you get stressed lugging it around, and you pay a fortune in airline luggage fees. The Carry-On Traveller will teach you not only how to lighten your load, but how to pack everything you need into a single carry-on-size bag. You can apply these strategies to any trip, whether you are travelling for a week or a year, to hot or cold climates, alone or with kids. By travelling carry-on only, you'll save time at airports, avoid wasting money on checked luggage fees (which are increasingly common), and reduce the stress of hauling bulky bags. It's not an all or nothing approach. Packing light is a learning process, and you might want to take it gradually. Even if you don't travel carry-on only on your next trip, this book will help you pack lighter.

Book Love with a Chance of Drowning

Download or read book Love with a Chance of Drowning written by Torre DeRoche and published by Hachette Books. This book was released on 2013-05-14 with total page 235 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: New love. Exotic destinations. A once-in-a-lifetime adventure. What could go wrong? City girl Torre DeRoche isn't looking for love, but a chance encounter in a San Francisco bar sparks an instant connection with a soulful Argentinean man who unexpectedly sweeps her off her feet. The problem? He's just about to cast the dock lines and voyage around the world on his small sailboat, and Torre is terrified of deep water. However, lovesick Torre determines that to keep the man of her dreams, she must embark on the voyage of her nightmares, so she waves good-bye to dry land and braces for a life-changing journey that's as exhilarating as it is terrifying. Somewhere mid-Pacific, she finds herself battling to keep the old boat, the new relationship, and her floundering sanity afloat. . . . This sometimes hilarious, often harrowing, and always poignant memoir is set against a backdrop of the world's most beautiful and remote destinations. Equal parts love story and travel memoir, Love with a Chance of Drowning is witty, charming, and proof positive that there are some risks worth taking.

Book Excess Baggage

    Book Details:
  • Author : Judith Sills
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Release : 2003-12-18
  • ISBN : 0142004197
  • Pages : 289 pages

Download or read book Excess Baggage written by Judith Sills and published by Penguin. This book was released on 2003-12-18 with total page 289 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Maybe you always have to finish what you start—from a book to a dismal marriage. Or your mother is always there when you need her—but sometimes you wish she had somewhere else to go. Each of us has a little too much of our own good thing—it's excess baggage that's holding us back. As Judith Sills says in this exceptionally wise and refereshingly pragmatic book, everyone has baggage. It's the aspect of your personality that keeps getting in your way. Excess Baggage shines a light on our blind spots, defining five common obstacles to happiness that we create: • We need to be right • We feel superior • We dread rejection • We create drama • We cherish our anger Life doesn't have to be so hard. Using easy-to-follow but powerful psychological excercises, Dr. Sills helps you discover just what it is about yourself that keeps you from getting what you want. Then you can set your excess baggage down foerever—and get out of your own way.

Book The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Download or read book The Suitcase Entrepreneur written by Natalie Sisson and published by Simon and Schuster. This book was released on 2017-09-05 with total page 272 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Now in its third edition, The Suitcase Entrepreneur teaches readers how to package and sell their skills to earn enough money to be able to work and live anywhere, build a profitable online business, and live life on their own terms. With new material pertinent to today’s business world, readers will receive the blueprint to create their ideal lifestyle and become their own digital nomad. After eight years of working in the soul-crushing bureaucracy of the corporate world, Natalie Sisson quit her high-paying job and moved to Canada, started a blog, and cofounded a technology company. In just eighteen months she learned how to build an online platform from scratch, and then left to start her own business—which involved visiting Argentina to eat empanadas, play Ultimate Frisbee, and launch her first digital product. After five years, she now runs a six-figure business from her laptop, while living out of a suitcase and teaching entrepreneurs worldwide how to build a business and lifestyle they love. In The Suitcase Entrepreneur you’ll learn how to establish your business online, reach a global audience, and build a virtual team to give you more free time, money, and independence. With a new introduction, as well as updated resources and information, this practical guide uncovers the three key stages of creating a self-sufficient business and how to become a successful digital nomad and live life on your own terms.

Book Travel as a Political Act

Download or read book Travel as a Political Act written by Rick Steves and published by Rick Steves. This book was released on 2018-02-06 with total page 581 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Change the world one trip at a time. In this illuminating collection of stories and lessons from the road, acclaimed travel writer Rick Steves shares a powerful message that resonates now more than ever. With the world facing divisive and often frightening events, from Trump, Brexit, and Erdogan, to climate change, nativism, and populism, there's never been a more important time to travel. Rick believes the risks of travel are widely exaggerated, and that fear is for people who don't get out much. After years of living out of a suitcase, he still marvels at how different cultures find different truths to be self-evident. By sharing his experiences from Europe, Central America, Asia, and the Middle East, Rick shows how we can learn more about own country by viewing it from afar. With gripping stories from Rick's decades of exploration, this fully revised edition of Travel as a Political Act is an antidote to the current climate of xenophobia. When we travel thoughtfully, we bring back the most beautiful souvenir of all: a broader perspective on the world that we all call home. All royalties from the sale of Travel as a Political Act are donated to support the work of Bread for the World, a non-partisan organization working to end hunger at home and abroad.

Book The Joy of Small Things

    Book Details:
  • Author : Hannah Jane Parkinson
  • Publisher : Faber & Faber
  • Release : 2021-10-05
  • ISBN : 178335237X
  • Pages : 160 pages

Download or read book The Joy of Small Things written by Hannah Jane Parkinson and published by Faber & Faber. This book was released on 2021-10-05 with total page 160 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: 'This book is a not-so-small joy in itself.' NIGELLA LAWSON 'Parkinson has the gift of making you look with new eyes at everyday things. The perfect daily diversion.' JOJO MOYES 'Always funny and frank and full of insight, I absolutely love Parkinson's writing.' DAVID NICHOLLS 'I loved this book . . . Parkinson's writing transports you to unexpected places of joy and comfort . . . these pages contain happiness.' MARINA HYDE 'The twenty-first century feels a lot more bearable in Parkinson's company.' CHARLOTTE MENDELSON Drawn from the successful Guardian column, these everyday exultations and inspirations will get you through dismal days. Hannah Jane Parkinson is a specialist in savouring the small pleasures of life. She revels in her fluffy dressing gown ('like bathing in marshmallow'), finds calm in solo cinema trips, is charmed by the personalities of fonts ('you'll never see Comic Sans on a funeral notice'), celebrates pockets and gleefully abandons a book she isn't enjoying. Parkinson's everyday exaltations - selected from her immensely successful Guardian column - will utterly delight. FEATURES BRAND NEW MATERIAL 'A compendium of delights.' OBSERVER 'Delightful . . . a love letter to those little moments of bliss that get us through the daily grind.' RED

Book Bruised Passports

    Book Details:
  • Author : Savi Munjal
  • Publisher : Harper Collins
  • Release : 2022-02-20
  • ISBN : 9354894062
  • Pages : 113 pages

Download or read book Bruised Passports written by Savi Munjal and published by Harper Collins. This book was released on 2022-02-20 with total page 113 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: As young kids, SAVI and VID, as they are popularly known to their followers, dreamt of travelling the world together. In 2013, they turned this dream into reality with the launch of their travel blog, BRUISED PASSPORTS. And now, countless flights, dreamy destinations and beautiful pictures later, the OG couple of travel has decided to reveal the secret of their carefree and footloose life. But this isn't just a book filled with dreamy stories of travel, people and culture; in these pages, Savi and Vid share their insights on how you, too, can live a life full of memories, adventure and the excitement of discovering a new place. With tips, plans and advice inspired by the hurdles and successes they have faced, Savi and Vid tell you how to be successful digital nomads in a post-pandemic world. From financial planning to, risk analysis, to taking that leap of faith, to how to create a brand of your own, BRUISED PASSPORTS promises to be a treasure trove for anyone who wants to take the plunge and set off on a journey to live life on their own terms.